My Yoga Services

I offer Yoga as a treatment option to clients who are interested in integrating body work into their therapeutic process. Whether it is learning breathing exercises and meditation or incorporating postures during a therapy session, clients have the ability to utilize Yoga as an effective coping mechanism to enhance their therapeutic experience.

Outside of session, I also teach ‘Yoga for Stress Relief’ on Wednesdays at noon at the Omaha Yoga and Bodywork Center. This class is open to the public for all skill levels and is a drop in class with no registration necessary. The focus is stress reduction through postures, breath work and guided meditation to quiet the mind and assist the body into relaxation.

For clients who are seeking treatment for trauma, I am also a certified instructor of Trauma Sensitive Yoga.

Kendra McCallie

6107 Maple St. Suite B
Omaha NE 68104


My office is located in downtown Benson on the second floor of the historic Howard building.

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